2021/04 15th Anniversary Character Education Webinar (I)

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Foundation, we have invited a number of outstanding professionals to share about their work and how it is related to children character development.

On April 24, Mr Ray Lei, Research Director of non-profit organization Green Peace talked  on the topic 'Why Nature Matters'. With many years of experience, he was able to share his personal insights on the effects of climate change to our ocean, air, and land. If the ocean environment continues to deteriorate, the primary producers of our food chain such as plankton and seaweed will diminish. This will impact other higher levels of consumers whether big or small fish, leading to the instability of our food pyramid. Furthermore, Hong Kong has a higher probability to the threat of unprecedented fierce storm and rising sea level. Therefore we must act now to protect our environment.

There are three kinds of human attitudes towards other living species. In the ‘Ego’ way of thinking, human rules over other species and exploit others at our own will. In the ‘Eco’ state of mind, human see themselves no different from other species whereas in the ‘Steward’ mindset, human care for other living organisms as compared to the creator and the creation. Which kind of attitude do we choose?

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