2007/07 Expressive Art Workshop

Ms Julia Bryne - Expressive Art Workshop @ ESF Beacon Hill

Photo Captions (from left to right corner)

  1. Opening Speech by CPF Chair and Founder Vincent Law
  2. Address by Deputy Head of ESF Beacon Hill
  3. Introduction of President of Art Therapist Association Hong Kong Ms Julia Bryne
  4. Thank you Note by CPF Vice Chair Mable Tsang
  5. Presentation of Souvenir to ESF Schools
  6. Presentation to Souvenir to Workshop Facilitator Ms Bryne
  7. Reception of ESF Art Teachers
  8. Delivery of the principle and application of art therapy
  9. Audience paid full attention
  10. Over 25 art teachers attended the workshop
  11. Participants took part in their art expression
  12. Each participant explained their work
  13. Participant explained her work to Julia
  14. A Show of excitement
  15. Proudly presented
  16. Julia listened to participant
  17. Participants
  18. Presentation of Certificate of Attendance
  19. Presentation of Certificate of Attendance
  20. Q&A

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