2007/04 ‘My Green Living’ Drawing Competition

'My Green Living' Parent Child Drawing Competition held at Star Ferry on April 29, 2007

Photo Captions (from left to right corner)

  1. CPF 'My Green Living' Parent-child Drawing Competition Poster
  2. Function Chairlady Ms Mable TSANG
  3. Co-Organizer Lions Club of HK Millennium President Mr Terry WU
  4. Guest Panel Judge Association of Art Therapists Hong Kong President Ms Julia BRYNE
  5. Guest Speaker Clinical Psychologist
  6. CPF Founder Vincent and Guest Panel Judge Famous Artist 'Ah Chung'
  7. Performance by Guest Celebrities
  8. Young talents playing violin
  9. Magic Show Performance
  10. Sasa dance for kids
  11. Professional Sasa Dancers Performance
  12. Rounds of Applause
  13. Celebrity Guests
  14. Presentation to Co-organiser Lions Club of Hong Kong Millennium Volunteers
  15. Presentation to Corporate Sponsor
  16. Presentation to Corporate Sponsor
  17. Presentation to PR Sponsor Ms Carrie LOK
  18. Presentation to Media Sponsor Ms Ann YEUNG
  19. Presentation to Corporate Sponsor
  20. Presentation to Corporate Sponsor
  21. Presentation to Sasa Dance Performer
  22. Presentation to Professional Dancer Performer
  23. Presentation to Sponsor Ms Winnie LO
  24. Presentation to Volunteer Mr Danny SO
  25. Presentation to Auxiliary Medical Service
  26. Presentation to MC
  27. Presentation to Volunteer
  28. Presentation to Dance Performer
  29. Presentation to Magician Performer
  30. Presentation of Junior Group Award Winners
  31. Presentation to Junior Group Award Winners
  32. Presentation to Secondary Group Award Winners
  33. Presentation to Senior Group Award Winners
  34. Group Photos of Champions
  35. Group Photos of t Runner Up
  36. Group Photo - Lions Club and Leo Volunteers
  37. Group Photo - CPF Working Committee
  38. Exhibition of Artwork at Star Ferry
  39. Charity Art Sales
  40. Charity Book Sales
  41. Registration of Award Winners
  42. Certificates of Appreciation
  43. Trophies for Awards

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