Let's build a world where children experience fulfilling childhoods!
Fulfilled childhoods start with Giving
  • Child Psychoecology Foundation

    Who We Are

    Child Psychoecology Foundation (CPF) was incorporated in 2006 as a registered charity (#91/8216) under Section 88 of Hong Kong Government Ordinance....

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  • Child Psychoecology Foundation

    Vision Mission

    Vision A world where children experience fulfilling childhoods....

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    Service Targets

    Children, parents, care-takers, teachers and general public...

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    Thank you for your support. If you like to know more about our work, you can visit our News & Press section. Please download below Donation Form and email to...

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What is ‘Psychoecology’?


The word "Psychoecology" is made up of 2 words namely "Psycho" and "ecology". It represents "Psychological Environmental Protection". From the concept of environmental protection, the concept of psychological protection was developed. We promote environmental protection as we understand the importance of conserving valuable resources of our planet Earth and how it can affect us in the long term.

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Our Goals